How to find an end Portal

14th Jan, 2023

How to find an end Portal

Are you trying to find an End Portal in Minecraft There is only one way to travel to The End. That's the End Portal. It takes commitment to jump into another dimension. Once you've stepped in the End Portal, you can't go back.

We are sure you have your reasons for visiting The End. Perhaps you're looking to defeat the Ender Dragon or get some precious resources such as End Stone or Chorus. Or maybe you just enjoy the endless, dark view of the End. To get there, you will need to hop into an End Portal.

End Portals can only be found in the portal room of strongholds. You will need Eye of Enders to guide you to the location of a stronghold. Then, you will have to dig very deep underground to find it. Once you have done that, it will be hanging above a pool of lava. There are usually at least one Eye of Ender in every End Portal. You have a 10% chance of it generating with an existing one.

The End Portal activated will instantly transport you to the End. There is no way to stop it. Once you reach the End, you will spawn on a central island with smaller islands around for exploration. You will need to defeat the Ender Dragon on the main island in order to access the outer islands or leave The End. This will open a portal that allows you to either "complete" the game and return the normal Minecraft world or explore the outer islands.

How to create an End Portal in Minecraft

While survival mode requires you to find a stronghold in order to activate an End Portal, creativity allows you to create your own. Here's how to activate an End Portal:

12 x Eyes of Ender12x Portal Frame Blocks

Mark a 3x3 area on the ground. Once you are within that zone, line your Portal Frame Blocks around the perimeter of the 3x3 square.

You can activate the End Portal by placing all 12 Eyes of Ender in the appropriate blocks, regardless of whether you have built it yourself or found one in a Stronghold. The portal won't open if only one Eye of Ender is placed horizontally. It will be obvious that it is working when you cannot see the lava (if looking at the stronghold version) and the ground (your created version).

If you are going to The End, you should be prepared to fight the Ender Dragon and other Minecraft mobs. This article will show you how to make a Minecraft shield and how to enchant weapons to increase your chances of completing Minecraft. These Minecraft seeds contain End Portals, which are great for anyone who is struggling to find a stronghold.