How to Play Minecraft

11th Jan, 2023

How to Play Minecraft

Minecraft is different from other video games. It allows you to control the game and even allows you to play as a moderator and add your own code/modifications directly into the game.

Getting started

Logging in and the main menu

This is a list of what you can do once you have clicked the buttons on your main menu.

- SinglePlayer: Start and continue a basic game. This article explains how to start a SinglePlayer game.

MultiPlayer: Connect with other players online

Languages: You can change the language of Minecraft's text. The tiny button to the left of the Options button will display a speech bubble with a globe.

- Options: Manage game options like sound, graphics and mouse controls, difficulty levels, and general settings.

- Quit Game: Close the browser if you are in In-Browser mode.

Start your first game in SinglePlayer mode

1. To view a complete list of all worlds, click the SinglePlayer button

This list is not necessary if you are just starting Minecraft.

2. To create a new game, click the Create New World button.

The Create New World page opens.

3. Type any name in the World Name text box and click on the Create New World button at bottom of screen.

Game cheats increase or decrease the difficulty of your game and switch between Creative mode (or Adventure mode) when you turn them on. Cheats allow you to have more control over the game's world, especially if you're just starting.

After you have finished creating your world, the game automatically begins by generating it and placing your avatar (character).

How to choose the right game mode for Minecraft

Survival - players are randomly spawned in new worlds and must survive. They have instant access to almost all items and blocks, are immune to death and invulnerable, and can fly. This game mode allows you to create/design unique worlds.
Adventure - Players interact with objects (levers and buttons) to complete an adventure.
Spectator is invisible to all and cannot interact with entities, blocks, or your inventory. This mode is used to view other players' worlds.
Hardcore - Hardcore is similar to survival mode. Players cannot respawn and Hardcore is permanently set to the "hard” difficulty level. Once you die, the map disappears or you become a spectator permanently.