Minecraft Mod Gives us ... Datapack

10th Dec, 2022

Minecraft Mod Gives us ... Datapack

A Minecraft mod gives underground caverns the rivers that they deserve by adding a new datapack. Over the past few years, the Minecraft underground has been the subject of many updates. Although the sandbox game has seen significant changes below the surface, no updates have added underground rivers.

If there is one thing you can always count on, it's the willingness of the Minecraft community members to take matters into their hands. This is why Minecraft mods can be as varied as Breath-of-the Wild abilities or simple as expanding your vision. Someone has decided to create a datapack to add underground rivers.

Apollowomc posted a Reddit post showing a boat that goes underground on a river. Although there is sometimes a little bit of jank in these datapacks the generation looks amazing - vines hanging from ceilings, lily pads scattered around the surface, and even aquatic wildlife swimming underneath the boat. It's an amazing datapack and one that's still being developed.

PlanetMinecraft.com allows you to download the data pack. However, it is a demo version. It won't work with other world generation packs at the moment, and there will be updates. If you are looking to wind rivers underground, this is the perfect excuse for you to create a new universe and sail around.

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