Minecraft potions guide

9th Dec, 2022

Minecraft potions guide

Minecraft Brewing Equipment

This is all you need to make Minecraft potions.

Brewing Stand: A block that is used to add ingredients to water bottles.
Cauldron: This holds water and is used for filling the Glass Bottles that will eventually hold the potions.
Blaze Powder: This is the fuel for your Brewing Stand.
Glass Bottle: These containers are for your potions.
Water Bottle: This is the base of all potions. It is obtained by filling a Glass bottle from the Cauldron.

How to use a Brewing Stand

You can make a Brewing Stand by using one Blaze Rod and three pieces of Cobblestone. The Blaze Rod should be placed in the middle as fuel, and the Cobblestone in the bottom row. Blaze Rods are available by killing Blazes within Nether Fortresses. It's worth trying to get as many as possible.

You'll need fuel for the Brewing Stand to get started. Water bottles and Nether Wart are also necessary.

Make water bottles by first crafting glass bottles from three pieces of glass on a crafting table. These should be arranged in a V-shaped arrangement with the three pieces in the middle of the table, middle-right, and bottom-middle. Next, take your bottles to a source of water and use them.

Next, you will find the Nether Wart in The Nether. You can also make your own farm by placing some Soul Sand in it and planting the Nether Wart there.

Now that everything is settled, it's time to get back to the brewing. Before adding any Nether Wart, add up to three Water Bottles. After the process is complete, you will have three Awkward Potions. These potions are not useful on their own, but they are the main component of most potions.

Base Ingredients

There are two main ways to alter potions. The first is to modify the base level of the potion, making it last longer or more potent. Here are the base ingredients, how to get them and what they do.

Effect Ingredients

The second thing you can change about Minecraft potions is their effect. These are created by mixing Awkward Potions and different ingredients. Simply place the Awkward potion in the Brewing Stand and add the appropriate ingredient. You must also ensure that there is still Blaze Powder lighting your stand. Otherwise, nothing will happen. You can now alter or enhance them. We'll go over all the effects potions, their ingredients, how to get them, and what they do.

It doesn't need to be fancy to be useful. Keeping alive is essential for success. These potions can be used to give you a quick boost or for a quick recovery after a hard day.

This is our Minecraft potion guide. Although it might seem complicated at first, you will soon be able to understand what you are doing.