Minecraft’s new Moderation

25th Nov, 2022

Minecraft’s new Moderation

Minecraft allows players to express their creativity in many ways. You can use the space to create your favourite games or play with friends. Some people are worried about the new moderation tools.

Let's be honest: moderation tools are essential for internet users because people can be the worst if given the opportunity. They have to work. A few Redditors have shared their opinions on the matter, and they aren't impressed at all. JewelTK posted the most detailed post on the subject. They made a video to discuss it from their perspective as someone who hosts several servers.

This video contains some very harsh language. If you decide to watch it, be aware that there is a warning at its beginning. Although the details of their concerns are more complex, it is possible to break them down into two parts. It is possible to abuse the system to ban people who shouldn't be banned, especially in retaliation to being banned from a server. Another is that players have different standards for what is acceptable and different communities have their own rules. Banning people who don't understand everything could lead to unfair decisions.

Java chat reporting from the point of view of a Minecraft server host

Redditor Quillka suggested that these reporting tools should be restricted to official Microsoft Realms. This is mainly for the same reasons as above. They claim that Minecraft's entire player base, which includes people of all ages, cannot be expected to conform to being child-friendly. It's easy for them to make a point. While profanity filters are helpful for children in global chats and allow them to remain safe, adults should not have to worry about swearing in smaller, more managed communities. Popbobsnob also offers some "propaganda", which is a lot of creativity in less balanced arguments.