Welcome to Minecraft Festival

5th Nov, 2022

Welcome to Minecraft Festival

We will be sharing the details (such as the location and the expected number of Endermen present) closer to the big event.

That feeling you get just before your guests arrive at your epic house party? You've spent hours cleaning up the house, changing your outfits a dozen times ("does that cape suit my mood and my skin?"), cutting perfect cube-shaped cakes, and combing through your floordrobe for the first-time in years.

That's us, at least, right now, but with a longer timeline and on a larger scale! We're only in February and already working hard to prepare for the Minecraft Festival at September's end. Although it may sound a bit extreme, we are still working hard to make Minecraft Festival a reality. We will host interactive exhibits, live entertainment, intense gameplay, fiercely competitive tournaments and creative panels. You can also meet your favorite Mojang developer or content creator. It will continue for three days. We do have some things in our heads!

Let me tell you about some things we have in store for you, amid the frantic pounding and scribbling of pen, and explosions of Creepers. Minecraft Festival is a party where YOU are the guest of honour! It's a celebration and glimpse at the exciting adventures we have shared over the past 10 years. Mojang will have all Minecraft games (many of them playable!) Mojang will bring all Minecraft games (many playable! ), and exhibitors around the globe plan to showcase what they have been up to.

Remember MINECON Live, too? The worldwide live stream featuring all the latest Minecraft news. This has even been incorporated into Minecraft Festival! This section of the event is now known as Minecraft Live. It's still the place to be for big announcements, nail-biting excitement, and deep dives into the past, present, and future of Minecraft. It will be streamed live from Minecraft Festival. Some lucky Festival attendees might even be able to get a seat in our studio audience!

Is there something we have forgotten? Creepers? They are not. Canapes? Nope. Not that kind of party. Capes! Ah, yes, capes! Each attendee will receive a Minecraft Festival cape that is compatible with Java and Bedrock.

Mojang's Chief Brand Officer Lydia Winters says, "Everyone is invited!" "We see Minecraft Festival as a place where you can meet, hang out, and learn with like-minded players. It's an interactive space that offers a lot of unexpected experiences and opportunities for discovery.

That sounds great, but let's be specific! First, write down the dates September 25-27 on your calendar or another flat surface. This is when we will be at Orange County Convention Center, sunny Florida. There will be lots of exciting happenings over the three days so make it a long weekend! You can also swing by for one day if you are unable to attend the three-day event.